We are sorry but enrollment to Word For The Day Club is currently closed. However, you can join our waitlist and also get a FREE subscription to Word For The Day Express... our amazing, email service that delivers a new English word daily (with its meaning and pronunciation), helping to purposefully build school-aged children's vocabulary and intellect in a fun and easy way. Simply fill in the form below to join the Word For The Day Club waitlist...

What Club Members Are Saying...

  • Our Son Looks Forward To Word For The Day Club...

    "Word For The Day Club has given our family a fun challenge that our son looks forward to tackling each morning as we kick off school routines. It really just takes a few minutes, and I'm surprised how he actually gets into it by his own will.🙂
    Over the years, this will no doubt cultivate the ability to present and communicate intelligently amongst peers, while building confidence on a successful pathway!"

    JoAnne H.

    Texas, USA

  • Word For The Day Club is now part of our home education...

    "I have included Word For The Day Club in our home education. My daughter and her teacher go through a word each day, learn how to use it and then add it to their very own hand-written dictionary. It’s been a great tool to use in our education style."

    Melanie N.

    Durban, South Africa

  • Word For The Day Club Has Leveled Up Our Vanilla Vernacular...

    "As a homeschooling Mother, I have enjoyed how Word For The Day Club has leveled up our vanilla vernacular. We have appreciated the increase of our intellect, the curiosities, and the conversations that have opened up with each new word, as well as the mastery of mouths and minds it has invited us into.
    Thank you for this absolute gold resource. Our future original rap repertoires thank you immensely."

    Leilani H.

    Palmerston North, New Zealand

  • My 4 kids are all having fun with Word For The Day Club...

    "I homeschool 4 kids ages between 14 and 6 and honestly they are all having fun with learning the words and coming up with silly sentences so that they can remember the word."

    Rebecca M.

    Connecticut, USA