How To Activate The Genius In Your Children By Developing The Secret Trait Of Top Business Leaders... In Less Than 15 Minutes Daily  


What Is Word For The Day Club?

Word For The Day Club is the world's leading vocabulary website for children. A fun and highly effective program for daily learning and engaging with one new, carefully selected, magnificent and age-appropriate English word.

Word For The Day Club was birthed as a result of a fascinating business report I read several years ago that detailed the findings of a survey carried out on the top 100 business leaders at the time in the USA. 

The objective of the survey was to unravel a shared trait among these business leaders that others could replicate for similar personal and professional excellence. Some of these leaders were highly educated with Doctorate and Master’s degrees, while others had Bachelor's degrees.

Quite a few were self-made leaders who had never attended university, yet had gone on to achieve tremendous success. Amidst this diversity, the researcher stumbled upon a discovery that was as unexpected as it was intriguing.

The solitary, unique trait common to each of these 100 business leaders without a single exception was a wide vocabulary... their vocabulary literally and directly helped set them up for greatness!

I took this to heart and on Monday 13th of March 2017, in concert with my wife effectively started what has now become Word For The Day Club, teaching our three sons one new, carefully selected, sometimes esoteric English word daily. I have done so diligently, every weekday (apart from school holidays) for the last six years with huge, noticeable benefit to our sons and now warmly invite you to join me in doing the same with your children.

Why Become A Member?

two sons & a daughter learning a new word with their mumWhen you join and fully engage Word For The Day Club, here's a snapshot of what you can expect for your children... 

  • A broad, diverse and increasing vocabulary.
  • Enhanced reading.
  • Improved handwriting skills and improved spelling. 
  • Stronger memory and retention.
  • Increased composure and confidence when speaking to their peers and seniors alike.
  • Impressive choice of words when articulating their thoughts.
  • Increased appetite and aptitude for learning different subjects.
  • Boosted cognitive stimulation and development.
  • Better perception, judgement and reasoning.
  • The intellectual stimulation that comes with each new word learned.
  • The pure joy of more enriching reading experiences.
  • Ease in learning other languages and heightened cultural awareness.

    This has been and continues to be our experience with our sons.

What Club Members Are Saying...

  • Our Son Looks Forward To Word For The Day Club...

    "Word For The Day Club has given our family a fun challenge that our son looks forward to tackling each morning as we kick off school routines. It really just takes a few minutes, and I'm surprised how he actually gets into it by his own will.🙂
    Over the years, this will no doubt cultivate the ability to present and communicate intelligently amongst peers, while building confidence on a successful pathway!"

    JoAnne H.

    Texas, USA

  • Word For The Day Club is now part of our home education...

    "I have included Word For The Day Club in our home education. My daughter and her teacher go through a word each day, learn how to use it and then add it to their very own hand-written dictionary. It’s been a great tool to use in our education style."

    Melanie N.

    Durban, South Africa

  • My 4 kids are all having fun with Word For The Day Club...

    "I homeschool 4 kids ages between 14 and 6 and honestly they are all having fun with learning the words and coming up with silly sentences so that they can remember the word."

    Rebecca M.

    Connecticut, USA

  • Word For The Day Club Has Leveled Up Our Vanilla Vernacular...

    "As a homeschooling Mother, I have enjoyed how Word For The Day Club has leveled up our vanilla vernacular. We have appreciated the increase of our intellect, the curiosities, and the conversations that have opened up with each new word, as well as the mastery of mouths and minds it has invited us into.
    Thank you for this absolute gold resource. Our future original rap repertoires thank you immensely."

    Leilani H.

    Palmerston North, New Zealand

How Word For The Day Club Works...

happy young girl engaging today's word for the day

When you join Word For The Day Club I'll share with you the simple praxis I undertake daily with my sons covering pronunciation, spelling, handwriting, word usage and sentence formation.

Each day's word comes with its own carefully compiled, comprehensive 'word kit' designed to promote learning and vocabulary development in a way that is enjoyable, fun, engaging and lasting.

We had you, our fellow parent in mind when we created Word For The Day Club. By joining us on this enriching journey for less than £5 monthly (even less if you pay annually), you'll be significantly enhancing your children's English vocabulary as well as yours and positioning them to excel academically and vocationally.

Each new word learned and engaged will fire a new set of creative neurons in your child's brain (and yours too) and add a vibrant stroke to the canvas of their communication so they can express, understand, and connect more effectively.

Start Your Free Trial Now...

two daughters learning a new word with their dadAll set to embark on this exciting word-venture with us?

You have absolutely nothing to pay to join the Club today, simply take us up on our unconditionally free, three day trial of the club and then decide after that.

Make learning brilliant new words an exhilarating part of your children's daily lives by joining 'Word For The Day Club' today and wholeheartedly embracing the key that has unlocked success for the top business leaders.

We are so sure you and your children will love being part of Word For The Day Club that we are happy to offer you a completely free, 3 day trial membership, meaning, you join today, pay nothing and rigorously test what's on offer in the club.

Simply select your preferred club plan below - monthly or yearly, fill out the quick form on the new page that opens up and in minutes you'll be getting started with your very first 'word for the day'.



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I look forward to welcoming you into Word For The Day Club.

Peace 🙏🏽